Live out Nanny Calgary

You have come to the right place to find a live out nanny, mother’s helper or babysitter in Calgary.  Most recently Calgary was voted as the city to live in if you were going to live in Canada. When you consider that it has the Rockies’ and the prairies plus a bustling downtown area, the economy is strong and there is an abundance of high paying jobs and as a bonus, crime is down. Then this is truly a fabulous place to live.

You can easily find a live out nanny in Calgary and this can be the preferred option for families for many reasons. It provides families with the care they need for their children while the nanny and the family both retain their privacy. We understand the need for flexibility so all the live out nannies we provide are flexible in their schedules and possess the willingness to work to meet your needs. With so many live out nannies in Calgary to choose from you can handpick nannies that specifically meet your child care and schedule requirements.

As an employer looking to hire a nanny, caregiver or even a babysitter you can expect your ideal live out “nanny” in Calgary to perform all needed child care duties, be it in a sole charge position or working a alongside a parent. All of our live out nannies are qualified to work independently.

Your live out Calgary nanny or live out caregiver will also provide assistance at bath time, prepare meals for your children, escort them to school, doctors’ appointments etc. and entertain them in an age appropriate way, be it taking them to the park, organizing play dates or organizing age appropriate activities in the home for them. You may also arrange for them to come and look after the children should you have an engagement to go to in their off hours.  You have to pay them separately for this unless you had previously arranged otherwise in your original contract with your nanny, housekeeper or babysitter.

Your live out nanny is not employed to maintain the household and carry out heavy duties around the house but will take care of the children’s washing, ironing and nursery if needed.

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