Live out Nanny Edmonton


Edmonton is one of Canada’s largest and most populated cities, it is located on the shore of the North Saskatchewan River in the middle of the province of Alberta. Edmonton and Calgary are the 2 largest cities in the province and each one provides great opportunities for nannies, babysitters and all types of caregivers to find excellent positions with families eagerly looking for child care!
Edmonton is a great place for nannies who are specifically looking for positions of live out nannies. This living situation may either be by the choice of the nanny or the employer.  Often a family may not have the room in their home to provide a nanny with the privacy and space that is required or they simply wish to maintain a higher level of privacy for themselves. Otherwise, many nannies may prefer to maintain their own home for reasons of their privacy or that they may have their own family that they live with. This has proven to be an excellent situation in Edmonton because of the ease of travel within the city either by public transportation or private vehicle. In Edmonton, low cost quality accommodation is plentiful and easy to find, as a result many nannies have the opportunity to find and set up their own home instead of relying on an employer family to provide room and board.
Whether live in or live out the nanny performs the jobs of a full time nanny. Specifically these responsibilities must be negotiated and agreed upon by both the live out nanny and the employer family. The live out status allows for creative changes and alterations in the required scheduling and even the duties required. Of course, all wages, hours and working conditions must meet the minimum standards as set out in the Federal and Provincial regulations of Alberta and Canada.
Even though Edmonton is a relatively compact city that is made up of a collection of many small picturesque communities tied together by excellent transportation arteries, this city has world class shopping and entertainment. West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping mall and entertainment facility in North America and plays host to hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Edmonton also plays host to several large festivals each year, contributing to its nickname, "The Festival City’. Edmonton is a great place to live and a great place to work as a live out nanny!